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Photos of events 2016-2017

Garden party - Hotel des Horlogers (June 2017)
Exhibition of the artist Aurélia Luysch "LEEMOA - Hotel des Horlogers (April-March 2017)
A guided tour of the Festival Lausanne Lumières - Hotel AlaGare (December 2016)
Garden party - Hotel des Horlogers (June 2016)
Event of October 12, 2016 - Hotel des Inventions : A tasting of chocolates with Balzac (copie 1)
A tasting of coffees with Carasso - Hotel Aux Remparts (May 2016)

Remote check-in with Skype

The Hôtels et Patrimoine group has developed a remote check-in service that is today improved through a communication via Skype.

Your late arrival is no longer a problem since our 24- hours remote check-in service is facilitated through the use of a tablet and Skype device.

Easy and convivial communication is now ensured to make your check-in procedure a quick and comfortable one.

Rent a Twizy at hotel des Inventions !

40 CHF a day for two-seats 100% electric car with an autonomy of 80 km !

NOVEMBER 2015 : Moroccan journalists visit Switzerland

As part of the Media Diversity Institute project funded by the Swiss government "Promote freedom of expression, diversity and inclusion in Morocco", about twenty moroccan journalists have visited Switzerland in November 2015 and stayed in three of the six hotels of the group (Hotel Aux Remparts, Hotel des Inventions and Hotel des Horlogers). 

2015 : The Group has celebrated its 10th anniversary

H&P has celebrated its 10th anniversary throughout 2015, with 10 events organised in our hotels and around.

Photos : Anne Micheli Tribolet -

Event of January 29, 2015 - Hotel des Horlogers : A tasting of teas and cheeses with Betjeman & Barton
Event of February 25, 2015 - Hotel AlaGare : Visit of the Lausanne train station control center with the Swiss Federal Railway Company
Event of March 19, 2015 : Visit of the Kaeserberg network of electric trains in Granges-Paccot, Fribourg
Event of april 22, 2015 - Hotel des Inventions : Easter egg hunt for kids and parents
Event of May 21, 2015 - Hotel Aux Remparts : Exceptional tour of the old city of Fribourg by train
Event of June 5, 2015 - Hotel des Inventions : Charity dinner in favour of Toutes à l'école
Event of September 17, 2015 - Hotel des Horlogers : Watchmaking workshop with Christophe Golay, genevan watchmaker
Event of October 15, 2015 - Hotel des Inventions : Wines tasting with the vintner Raymond Paccot, La Colombe, Féchy
Event of December 10, 2015 - Hotel de la Nouvelle Couronne : Hot and cold chocolate tasting with Balzac chocolatier